Summer Ministry Update


Back: Ana & Karla. Middle: Celia & Sandra. Front: Margaret

Ana is 16 and is in 8th grade. Karla turned 14 and is in 7th grade. Celia is 19 and is in 11th grade, and our new girl, Sandra, is in 10th grade. She came from the small town of Patzún where she was trying to pay her way through school on her own, but couldn’t afford high school.

It’s been a busy Spring!

We’ve had the privilege of hosting 3 groups in our home this Spring. The ministries to the shoe shiners, street kids and homeless of our town continue to grow and reach new people. 

The volcano that erupted is about 13 miles from our town, but does not present a threat to us. All we got was some volcanic ash over our car and house, but it was washed away by the rain a few days later.

All the girls are doing well at school. In fact, the love and unity with the girls has continued to grow and increase. Teens typically show some bad attitudes, and especially so when they come from broken homes. But our girls love being together and love living in our home. It’s so wonderful to have such a great relationship with each one and feeling like a family!

Welcome Sandra!

Sandra is the newest member of our family, and we just love her happy and goofy personality. We’re so happy that she’s here with us!

Margaret started school

Margaret started pre-school this year, and she goes to school with our other girls. She loves making new friends and going to school like her “big sisters”!

Yuliza is teaching English

Yuliza enjoys teaching English at our girls’ high school this year. Celia and Sandra feel more connected to her as a mother and now as a teacher.

Flora got married!

Flora grew up with us and moved out on her own about two years ago. This April we had the privilege of being her parents in her wedding with her new husband Leonel!

Rick & Susan Banda

Our Pastor Rick and his wife Susan visited us for two weeks. They shared so much love, wisdom, and experience with us, our girls, and our family. It was great to have them here! They and their church have been such a huge help to us, and our friendship with Rick & Susan has grown deeper and deeper.

Pastor Rick baptized Yuliza’s niece Heidy.


Team from El Shaddai

We had a six-person team from El Shaddai church in Bethlehem, PA visit us in June. They joined us in the various ministries and orphanages that we’re involved with, and we also visited a refugee shelter for the survivors from the volcano that erupted. 

We visited families that had lost family members, but the most impressive part was when we prayed for them, the people gave thanks to God for His goodness and provision! It really humbled me, and I pray that I could have their same heart and attitude.


One shoeshiner who has been very involved in our ministries came with us to visit Casa Shalom during our monthly trip. He gave up a lucrative money-making time shining shoes in order to support his family and meet his own needs, and he came with us in order to spread God’s love to other children.

This is my dream: That orphans, street kids, and shoe shiners are so filled with God’s love for them, that His love pours out of them and into the less fortunate around them, so that all would know what a good, loving and perfect Heavenly Father we have!

Thank You!

We’re blessed to be able to serve in Guatemala, and we’re so grateful for your continued generosity through the years. Thank you so much!

Please pray that God would continue to fill us with His love and wisdom as we minister in Guatemala.  Please pray that both our past and present children would continue to seek the Lord’s will for their lives.  And please pray for all those that will come to live with us in the future, that our home would be a place of refuge, peace, hope and love.

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers!

Brent, Yuliza & Margaret