2017 Ministry Recap


Our Children

This year we had five kids living with us who were in school. Karla, our youngest, finished 6th grade. She has been accepted to a magnet school that she will begin in January. Celia finished 10th grade this year and is studying for a preschool vocational degree at her high school. Her sister Ana came to live with us this year, and she was in 7th grade. Alfonso studied at a computer programming focused high school for 10th grade, and we received a new child, Julio, in March who also was in 10th grade. We’ve known Julio since he came to Casa Shalom when he was 5 years old, and this year he turned 18 in April.

It’s been a blessed year with the kids. All of our physical needs have been met, and we always had enough food for everyone. In fact, it’s been amazing to watch our kids grow so much! We had more financial needs this year with all five in school, and they were able to grow more prepared mentally for the future. A Christian psychologist friend of ours offered her services at reduced rates, and we’ve seen progress as our kids work through the emotional baggage of their life circumstances. And last, but not least, we have been blessed to have the spiritual help of a pastor friend of ours who has been coming over weekly to lead Bible studies with the kids and to encourage them in their spiritual walks with the Lord. It’s been a great help to have his wisdom and expertise in teaching Biblical truths. Our hope is that all of our teens understand the great importance of having a personal relationship with the Lord.

Unfortunately, close to the end of the school year, we had serious problems with our two guys, Alfonso and Julio. They took some attitudes and actions against the girls and against our family, and they are no longer living with us. Alfonso had been with us for 3 years, and we’ve known Julio for a long time, so it’s been incredibly sad to have them gone, but we are trusting and praying that God will continue the work that He started in their hearts. We ask that you join us in prayer for these two guys, too.

As we’ve mentioned previously, Flora had found a stable job last year and was able to move into an apartment. And this year Carlos found a job as a guard at our teens’ school and now lives there. We see them both regularly, and it’s great to see them stable, happy, and seeking the Lord’s will for their lives.

The Shoe Shiners

We continue to serve the poor and needy of our community in Chimaltenango by serving breakfast in our central park every Sunday morning. We give 100 meals every week and use the opportunity to share God’s love with the shoe shiners, street vendors, alcoholics and people living on the street.

This year we’ve received a permanent place to have our Monday night Bible study & dinner together, and we typically have 30 people come. It’s been fantastic to be able to meet together weekly at a permanent place, and now we can split off the young children into their own class which has allowed better interaction & discussion with the older group during the Bible study time. And we’ve greatly enjoyed getting to know the kids and families much better.

On the 21st of December we will have a Christmas party at the park with everyone, and we’re expecting 150 people. And then on December 27th we’re visiting the orphanage Casa Shalom for a Christmas party with the children.

Thank You!

We’re blessed to be able to serve in Guatemala, and we’re so grateful for your continued generosity through the years. Thank you so much!

Our daughter Margaret turned 5 last and is such a cheerful and fun daughter. She loves mermaids, Paw Patrol, stuffed animals, and her new bunny, Zoe.

Please pray that God would continue to fill us with His love and
wisdom as we minister in Guatemala. Please pray that both our past
and present children would continue to seek the Lord’s will for their
lives. And please pray for all those that will come to live with us in the future, that our home would be a place of refuge, peace, faith, hope and love.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for Alfonso and Julio.
  • Pray for our end of year activities with the orphanage and shoe shiners.
  • Pray as we seek new children for our home before the new school year that starts in January.

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers!
Brent, Yuliza & Margaret