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Door problems

One evening I heard a strange sound, and I went to see what it was…

I found Elias trapped in the bathroom because the doorknob malfunctioned and got stuck in the locked position! Oops! I guess that I bought cheap doorknobs… Sorry Elias!

door_problems1  door_problems4 door_problems3door_problems5

Goofy problems aside, it’s great to be in our new house!


Ready to move in!

The house is finished and we’re ready to move in!


The only thing that we don’t have yet is electricity. The electric company is taking a long time to install our electricity, but fortunately a neighbor is allowing us to connect to their system while needed. (I know, it’s pretty goofy. but it’ll work)

Here’s a great picture from the roof of the view behind our house. The volcano Acatenango is peaking through the back. It’s beautiful!


Doors, Windows & Tiles

The house construction continues to progress, and I can now see the end in sight!

We’ve installed the exterior doors, windows and tile flooring these last few months. may_house_work_2may_house_work_4may_house_work_5may_house_work_6

The tank on our roof holds the water for our house. We only receive water from the municipality for a few hours a day, so the tank helps us to always have water available.


Pouring the Roof

We now have a roof on our house! It took a lot of preparations, but on Saturday we were finally able to pour our cement roof. Here’s a quick YouTube video of the process:

Now we get a little break from the work in order to wait for it to harden.

Stairway to Nowhere

We finished the stairs in the house. They’re a little silly right now because they don’t go anywhere, but now the house is ready for a second-story one day.

We’ve also been busy constructing the wood frame used to create the mold for the cement roof. Hopefully we’ll be ready to pour the roof before the end of the month.

The construction style is so different here because everything is made out of cement while it’s mostly made out of wood in the USA. So these parts are the only time that we really use wood here, and it’s just used as a mold to pour cement!

Window & Door Frames

The door and window frames have been formed, which is one of the final steps before we can put the roof on!

The counter between the kitchen and dinning room:

A top-down view of the house:

The back bedrooms are now all finished, and all that’s left is the front door and windows.