September Ministry Update

Hello from Guatemala! 

We’re still here, and we’re alive! Sorry that it’s been almost a year since our last ministry update. 

Our Girls

Our girls have just about a month of school left as the school year goes from January to October. At the start of the year, we had a big surprise when the school that most of our kids, including Margaret, announced that they were shutting down. All classes have been required to be online since the start of the pandemic, and the school couldn’t handle it. So we had to scramble to get them all registered in new schools. All of our girls are in 10th grade this year, although they study in different schools because they’re required to pick a major in high school. But in the end, they’ve barely even seen their schools as all classes have been remote all year long. We’re hoping they’ll be able to go next year!

Our newest girl, Liseth, came to live with us last October. We love having her here with us and she’s a great addition to our family. She received a huge surprise a few months ago when her father reached out to her. Liseth had no memory of him and very distant memories of her mother, as she was brought to an orphanage due to abandonment a long time ago. But in May we were able to meet her father, and she got two big surprises: She has a different last name, and she has a different birthday! In fact, we had just celebrated her 19th birthday, and now we learned that we get to celebrate her birthday a second time! We continue to get to know her father better, and it’s very exciting for her to finally know a parent.

Karla is 17 now, and she’s studying to be a computer programmer. Ana is 19 and is studying business administration, and Mary is 20 and is studying to be a preschool teacher. We’re very proud of our girls and we have a great time together. Being stuck inside together now for almost two years has had the effect of really unifying us and building a feeling of family that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise!

Breakfasts, Dinners & Bible Studies

It’s been great to be able to have meetings this year, as they were prohibited almost all of last year. Our president and congress can’t figure out what’s best in order to contain the virus, and they’re always fighting amongst themselves. (It doesn’t just happen in the United States!) So sometimes there are mandatory curfews at certain hours, and sometimes meetings and gatherings are not allowed.

In the middle of all the craziness the ministry has grown a lot this year. Our breakfasts on Sunday mornings now have about 125 people attending, and there’s a lot more needs as the pandemic continues and jobs are scarce. We also have a lot more volunteers to do the work of cooking and serving, so I’m now free to sit, talk and pray with people. It’s been awesome to be able to focus on building relationships! 

On Monday nights we have dinner and a Bible Study. We use to call it shoe shiner ministry, but only 1 comes anymore! Most are not from our town, and with all the shutdowns, there was no work for them in our town, and so they went home. But we have a lot of kids and adults that sell food, candy and masks around the central park, and we also have a group of alcoholics that regularly attend. We typically have about 30-40 come, and split into three groups according to age. Our girls along with our niece Heidy teach the young kids and teens, and I have a Bible study with the adults.

We partner with DBO Ministries for all of these ministries. They’re much better than I am at regular newsletters and pictures on Facebook, which can be seen here:

Los Gozosos

I also have the privilege of serving on the board of directors for a special needs orphanage in our town called Los Gozosos (The Joyful Ones). They have been really struggling to meet their budget during the pandemic to pay for all the medicine, therapists, teachers and nurses necessary to care for these precious kids. I encourage you to take a look at their website and see if there is a way that you can help out. This ongoing pandemic has been a trying time for all of us, but it has severely affected ministries like Los Gozosos that rely on continuous help from teams visiting from the United States.

Thank You!

Margaret is finishing second grade. With the school closing we decided to homeschool her, and so it’s been busy teaching her ourselves. And Isabella is a very energetic and happy two and a half year old!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for us!  We’re grateful for God’s goodness and for all of your help.  We’re so blessed to be able to serve the poor, lost, and needy here in Guatemala.  It’s a rare privilege to be able to do what we do.  Thank you so much for making it possible!

Thank you so much and God bless,

Brent, Yuliza, Margaret & Isabella

November Ministry Update

Hello from Guatemala!
You might have heard about hurricanes, Eta and Iota, that have recently hit Central America. We’re doing fine here! We’re very blessed to be located where we are, and only received a lot of rain. Other parts of the country were much more affected by the two storms. About 150 people died mostly due to landslides, and hundreds of thousands of Guatemalans have had their homes damaged by the flooding.

As for COVID, it’s better news. Last month the government released us from the curfews that we’ve been under for over 6 months. It still feels weird to be outside after 6pm after being restricted for so long. Businesses have also been opening back up, and life has slowly been returning to normal. The number of new cases has remained fairly steady since then, and it’s a huge relief that things appear to be getting better.

I do think that we’ll look back on this year with fondness because we were able to spend time together in a way that the normal busyness of life prevents. I mean, for such a long time we weren’t allowed to go outside during the weekend! But we had a great time together with the girls – cooking, talking, playing games, reading the Bible, studying and hanging out together. Our Sundays can typically be very busy, but this year we’ve been able to spend hours watching sermons online, singing, sharing, reading, and praying for each other. We would realize that it was already evening, and we hadn’t even had lunch yet! My prayer is that we would all grow more grateful for God’s provision, His care, and His love for us. We take so many blessings and conveniences for granted, and He’s so patient with us.

Welcome Liseth!

We are delighted to have a new girl named Liseth join our family! She’s grown up at the orphanage Casa Shalom and is a shy but hard-working young lady. She turned 18 this year and wanted to come live with us. She’ll be in 10th grade, just like Karla & Maria, and it’s nice to have a bunch of girls who are the same age as each other. And Margaret says, “now I have a new big sister!”

Our Girls

The end of October brought the end of the school year, and Sandra has graduated from high school! We’re so proud of her and have loved having her here with us the past three years. Karla and Maria start 10th grade next year which is the start of high school here, and Ana will be in 11th grade.

They’re all looking for a job during this break from school. Liseth already had a job at a restaurant, the rest of the girls are working there on weekends. We’d appreciate your prayers for Sandra as she look for a full-time job. It’s a tough job market!

Breakfast Ministry Restarted

Our city’s park has reopened, and the shoe shiners have returned, and it’s great to be able to start back up weekly breakfasts to them and the poor of Chimaltenango in order to share God’s love. We’re also making plans to have a few Christmas parties with the different groups of people that we minister to, like we’ve done previous years.

We are sad to report two deaths of people from our ministry. The first, Don Victor, was an elderly shoe shiner who was always looking out for all the younger boys. I had the privilege of leading him to the Lord a few years ago, and he asked my friend Ronald and I to baptize him last year. Since then he’s been struggling with kidney problems, and even with medical attention he passed away in April. The second is a teen named Emerson who always came to our Monday night Bible studies. He he passed away in October due to complications from meningitis. Praise God for the hope of eternal life!


We’re hoping to begin construction on a new house this next year. There is space beside our house that we would like to build two smaller houses in order to have room for guys who need a place to stay. The plans and blueprints are in progress at this point, but I wanted to let you know of our hopes this coming year.

Ten Years!

It’s crazy to think that next month we celebrate 10 years since we packed up our little white car in Austin, TX and drove through Mexico in order to start full-time ministry here in Guatemala. Time has flown by, and we’re so grateful for all the support that you’ve given over these years which made it possible. We’re grateful to Pastor Rick and North Austin Christian Church for their support and help with the finances. We’re grateful to God for calling us into this life that is harder yet fuller than we could imagine. And we’re grateful to have been able to invest in the lives of so many.

Thank You!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for us! We’re grateful for God’s goodness and for all of your help. We’re so blessed to be able to serve the poor, lost, and needy here in Guatemala. It’s a rare privilege to be able to do what we do. Thank you so much for making it possible!

Here are a few prayer requests:

  • Huge praise: Yuliza’s immigration paperwork has been accepted! It took over a year, but now she is recognized as a missionary which gives us more flexibility on our trips to the United States and more peace that she won’t have problems during re-entry. Praise the Lord that He’s always so good to us. (Even when I get scared and doubt!)
  • Please pray for Martin and Alfonso who both left the alcohol rehabilitation center and aren’t doing well.
  • Please pray for our girls: Sandra, Maria, Ana, Karla and Liseth as they look for jobs during their break from school. Also pray as we decide on where they should go to high school next year.

Thank you so much and God bless,
Brent, Yuliza, Margaret & Isabella

July Ministry Update


Hello from Guatemala!  It’s been over 4 months of quarantine here, and we thought that you’d enjoy an update about what’s going on here. First of all, our family is doing well, and although the number of cases of COVID is increasing in the country, we’re doing ok. 

Our government has been even more strict than in the United States, so there is a curfew every night at 6 PM, and no one is allowed to be outside after that. And most weekends we’re not supposed to go outside at all, although right now we’re allowed to go outside on Saturday mornings.  Masks are (of course) mandatory. Travel is very restricted with police checkpoints between the different departments (or counties) of the country. We had a trip to the United States planned back in May, but the airport has been closed since March, and they don’t have plans to reopen it anytime soon.

As for number of cases, there are over 40,000 in the country. This might sound low when compared to the United States, but this is a small and poor country, and the hospitals are overwhelmed with people. Many patients who need respirators have to sleep on the floor in the hallways of the hospitals because there’s just not any room left. And unfortunately, even though there are lots of restrictions in place, the number of cases has been steadily climbing. I made this chart comparing the daily cases in the United States and Guatemala.

All these closings and travel limitations have greatly affected many people, and many are out of work. There’s no social security, so it’s been very hard on many families. Many people now stand outside along the road waving white flags as a way to show that they need food. It’s hard to be surrounded by so much need, and to be honest it can feel overwhelming to want to help but feel like we’re not even making a dent in the situation.

For us, it’s been very humbling to see the faithfulness of all of you. Thank you for your continued support for us and our girls here in Guatemala. We know that there is a lot of uncertainty about the future, and many have already lost jobs or have received pay cuts. So we’re so incredibly grateful for the support. And we’re so grateful for the new people who have reached out to us during this challenging time to help us. Thank you!

Please keep Guatemala in your prayers as this has been such a hard time for so many families and ministries around us.

Our Girls

So what have we been up to these last few months stuck at home??? The schools soon realized that this pandemic was going to stick around for a while, and in May our girls started receiving classes remotely. We typically have 4 Zoom calls going on simultaneously every morning. Even Margaret connects daily with her teacher and classmates to get new instructions and homework to be working on. 

Other than classes, we’re spending lots more time here together than we normally get. We’re learning to cook lots of new foods together, working on home projects, and playing games together. We even completely destroyed our Uno cards from overuse! Oh, and our garden has never been so beautiful. It’s so different from the normal busy routine, and it’s allowed us to build relationships with each of the girls. Yuliza is amazingly good at working with them, and we feel more like a big family than ever before.

We’re also spending time together in Bible studies, and right now we’re reading the book, “The Pursuit of God” by A. W. Tozer. It’s really been great at working on our personal relationships with the Lord. Our good friend Erika’s father, Pastor Basilio, has been helping us with weekly Bible studies for about 5 years, and he still connects with us every week remotely. It’s been a huge help!

Oh, and birthdays! Isabella had her first birthday in April, Carlos turned 30, Ana turned 18, Karla turned 16, and Maria had her 19th birthday. So we’ve been eating lots of cake! Ana becoming an adult was exciting as we met her when she was just 6. It’s so much fun to see our kids growing up!

Carlos lived with us for a number of years, and he is still working as the guard at the school where most of our kids (use to) attend, and we’re so happy to see him grown up and established in a job. Although he says that it’s pretty quiet and lonely guarding an empty school.

Julio, Alfonso & Martin

Last newsletter I mentioned that Julio had entered an alcohol rehab center, and we’re so happy that he has been out for about two months and is doing great! It’s so wonderful to see him not only sober, but seeking the Lord. He’s a completely different guy!

Also, as I mentioned in our last update, we had been able to start a relationship with Alfonso again over Christmas. It was such a hard time almost three years ago when we had to ask him and Julio to leave our house, and so to start the relationship with him again was wonderful. 

As we saw that Julio was doing so much better, we prayed that Alfonso would desire to get help, too. During the lockdown he kept getting into more and more trouble, and drinking more and more, which pushed us to pray more and more for him. Then about a month ago he said that he had had enough and asked us to help him. And not only Alfonso, but his brother Martin also has been struggling with alcohol and asked to get help too!

The problem was that, to get him here, we had to get past two police checkpoints. So our friend Edwin left at 4 am when the curfew ended knowing that the police can be a little slow in the morning. He picked them up and quickly dropped them off with us before racing back home past the checkpoints again before the police arrived at their stations.

They’ve been at the rehab center for about three weeks now, and it’s been a struggle for them both. They need your prayer as they fight this addiction. 

We’re also looking for a place near our house where they can live when they leave the center in October. We’d like to keep them here close to us, and far away from the family and friends from their own town which are a bad influence on them. Please pray that we can find a good place so that we can continue to invest in their lives and be a support for them.

Margaret & Isabella

Isabella is now walking around and wants to be in the middle of everything all the time. She’s such a social and goofy little girl! And Margaret loves reading in both English and Spanish. She has the most beautiful handwriting and loves Math. Both are very tired of being stuck inside. 

Margaret is excited about losing her baby teeth, while Isabella is excited that her baby teeth are finally coming in.

Thank You!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for us!  We’re grateful for God’s goodness and for all of your help.  We’re so blessed to be able to serve the poor, lost, and less fortunate here in Guatemala.  It’s a rare privilege to be able to do what we do.  Thank you so much for making it possible!

We have not been able to continue the Sunday morning breakfasts and Monday night Bible studies as all meetings are still prohibited. Most shoeshiners have gone home as there isn’t work here, so we try to meet individually with the families and kids that are still here to help them during this difficult time.

Here are a few prayer requests for us:

  • Please pray for Martin and Alfonso at rehabilitation; pray that they would heal spiritually and physically.
  • Please pray for the country as it struggles containing the virus and treating the sick. Please pray for all the people struggling to have enough to eat during this time.
  • Please pray for our girls: Sandra, Maria, Ana and Karla as we’ve all been stuck together for such a long time. Pray that even in the middle of everything and when we feel like our lives have been put on hold, that we would grow in the Lord and as a family.
  • Pray for Margaret as she misses her friends and playgrounds a lot, and for our family. We’d love a break! Pray that we will always be faithful to the call that the Lord has placed on our lives.
  • Pray for our situation with immigration. We started a process almost a year ago with Yuliza’s paperwork, and still haven’t gotten things resolved. The trip in May that was canceled was necessary, and we can’t do much but wait and pray.

Thank you so much and God bless,

Brent, Yuliza, Margaret & Isabella

March Ministry Update

Hello from Guatemala! We hope everyone is doing well, and we’re praying for all of you during this trying time that we’re in. There are currently 20 people in Guatemala who are infected with the virus, and in order to contain it the president has closed schools, most businesses, all public transportation, all flights, and there is a mandatory curfew every afternoon at 4. The market and grocery stores are still open a few hours everyday, so we have enough food. Our girls have been off from school this past week and here at the house. The teachers were nice enough to give them lots of homework to keep them busy! And they’re enjoying spending the time learning to cook new foods with Yuliza. The curfew is a new thing that just started this weekend, and it’s very bizarre to be stuck at home so early and have the normally very busy streets so empty and quiet.

Most people that come to our feeding programs live day-by-day, and these new restrictions have affected them hard. We’ve had to cancel our feeding program and Bible study, but our group, DBO Ministries, has been buying food and supplies for the families. But there are many poor, homeless, and shoe shiners who we haven’t located. Please keep them in your prayers.

Los Gozosos is an incredible orphanage in our town that ministers to children with special needs, and they invited me to join their board of directors about a year ago. They’re going through a trying time as they care for their children. Groups regularly visit and they’re the biggest source of income, but with the flight cancellations, the home is in great need in order to pay their workers.

Our Girls

Back: Mary & Sandra; Front: Ana, Margaret & Karla

This year we welcomed a new girl, Mary, into our family. She is 18 and in 9th grade. We got to know her when she had to live in Casa Shalom about 5 years ago. She returned with her mother, but they were having trouble making ends meet. And we’re so thrilled and blessed to be a help to her and her family.
Sandra is a senior this year, and she’s studying to be a preschool teacher. She has an internship at a local school near us every afternoon and stays super busy as she prepares for graduation at the end of the year. Ana entered high school this year at a new school where she is learning to be a secretary. She is very excited about this new stage of life and is always working on her shorthand and improving her English. And Karla is in 9th grade. She loves cooking and is Yuliza’s constant shadow. And of course, Margaret is in the middle of everything and loves having a bunch of older sisters!
We’re blessed to be able to invest in the lives and futures of these girls. It never ceases to amaze me how unique and special our girls are and how wonderful it is to feel like a big family.

Alfonso & Julio

If you recall, we had two guys, Alfonso and Julio, who used to live with us several years ago. Because of a situation that arose, we had to ask them to leave our home, and it was a really difficult time. We were particularly sad about Alfonso because he had been with us for three years, and we love him a lot.
We hadn’t had any contact with Alfonso for a few years besides a message every once in a while. So we were so excited when he decided to come spend Christmas with us! (You can see him kind of hiding in the back of this picture)
We’re happy to have his friendship again and we would really appreciate your prayers for him as he is still very unstable in life and is always changing where he lives.
We also have been talking to Julio, and he also needs your prayers as he’s in-and-out of rehabilitation centers due to alcohol. He’s back in a center now, and we’d love to see him get better.

Margaret & Isabella

Isabella has her first birthday in just a few weeks! She is an incredibly happy and energetic baby who loves to be the center of attention at all times and play peek-a-boo nonstop. We love her laughs and the joy she brings to our family.
And Margaret is a wonderful big sister who takes such joy in having a sister. Margaret is in first grade and loves learning how to read and write. It’s been interesting as her school is in Spanish, but her primary language in the house is English. And her favorite class is one that teaches Kaqchikel, which is the local Mayan language of our part of the country. (There are 23 native languages other than Spanish in Guatemala) Her teacher is a native speaker of Kaqchikel, and Margaret loves learning new words. She wants to be trilingual and loves asking her teacher how to say new things.

Thank You

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for us! We’re grateful for God’s goodness and for all of your help. We’re so blessed to be able to serve the poor, lost, and less fortunate here in Guatemala. It’s a rare privilege to be able to do what we do. Thank you so much for making it possible!
During hard times like these, when so many conveniences that are often taken for granted suddenly disappear, we are presented a unique opportunity to have conversations and share with people that otherwise just wouldn’t happen. I pray that we all take advantage of this time to point everyone around us to the hope and peace that can be found in our loving Heavenly Father.
Here are a few prayer requests:

  • Pray for our girls: Sandra, Mary, Ana and Karla. Pray that they would grow and mature emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and that they would continue to seek the Lord and His will for their lives. Pray for Celia as she continues to look for a job. Pray that she would trust in the Lord for her future.
  • Pray for all the people who are affected by the coronavirus: The sick, the unemployed, the hungry, and the fearful. Pray that we can be a light in this world!
  • Please continue to pray for us with immigration. We are supposed to travel to the US in May, but we can’t with the current travel restrictions. It’s an interesting time to live in another country.

Thank you so much and God bless,
Brent, Yuliza, Margaret & Isabella

December Ministry Update

Merry Christmas!

Hello and Merry Christmas from Guatemala! This Christmas season Yuliza and I are so excited to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary! The time has both flown by and also feels like it was long ago that I watched her walk down the aisle. We’re so blessed to be together, and it’s always amazing to think back through the years about how faithful and good God has been with us.

Celia Graduated from High School

Our girl Celia graduated from high school in October. We’re so proud of her for her accomplishment. She’s been with us longer than any other kids, and we know how many obstacles she’s had to overcome in order to make it to this point in her life. We first met her as a child at Casa Shalom where she lived for two years. After her family received custody of her again, we maintained communication with her and her family. After elementary school, there were no opportunities for further education in her home village, and we received her parents’ permission to have her come live with us for these past six years. She’s the first one in her family to finish high school, and she graduated with a degree as a preschool teacher. Please pray for Celia as she searches for her first job, and pray that she seeks the Lord’s will for her life.

Christmas Parties!

We have a tradition of throwing Christmas parties every year with the various groups that we work with, and this year was no different with three parties in all. The first was with our Monday night Bible study group where we enjoyed a bonfire, marshmallows, pizza, songs & a movie together. The next one was with all the shoe shiners, poor and needy which we held in our town’s central park. We served 150 traditional Guatemalan tamales, shared the great news of what Jesus has done for us, let the kids jump in some bounce houses, and gave away some clothes. Finally, we went to Casa Shalom where we had a big pizza party and games.

The most amazing thing to me was that we always ask for help in order to do these parties because the cost can be high to feed this many people. Well, 100% of the money came from Guatemalans, and of that, 70% came from kids who have lived with us! We were so blessed by the outpouring of help and love. We were able to give 120 pizzas, 150 tamales, ice cream, drinks, chips & marshmallows. And the best part is that it gave us the opportunity to share God’s love and good news to so many people!

There are lots more pictures & videos on the Facebook page of our group of friends who serve together with us:

Margaret & Isabella

Isabella is a very active and curious 8 month old baby. She always wants to try new foods and is constantly watching and wants to do whatever her older sister is doing. Margaret is an amazing big sister, and is such a sweet girl. She just turned 7 in November.

One of my concerns as we planned starting a family was knowing that there could be some disapproval from our children about the lifestyle and ministry that Yuliza and I have chosen. Our lives can be busy, and they have to share their parents with other kids. And there could be a lot of confusion as they travel back and forth between Guatemala and the United States and experience such different cultures.

Margaret is now getting to the age where she’s really analyzing everything and has lots of questions. Last month we were visiting my parents and one afternoon she said, “Daddy, why did you decide to go to Guatemala?” And we talked about the heart that God has given me to help children in need and how that led me here. It’s fascinating to see her analyzing everything. I see her enjoying all the playgrounds, restaurants and toys in the United States, and she loves them all. And I also see her happy and content that we’re able to help other kids here in Guatemala to have a family. It’s very exciting to see her grow up, and see her loving heart. I would appreciate your prayers for her and Isabella, that they would have our heart to help others and share God’s love with other kids!

Thank You!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for us!
We’re so grateful for God’s goodness and for all of your help. We’re so blessed to be able to serve the poor, lost, and less fortunate here in Guatemala. As we reflect over all the years that we’ve been here, we’re so grateful for the continued support. It’s a rare privilege to be able to do what we do. Thank you so much!

Here are a few prayer requests for us:

  • Pray for Yuliza’s immigration status in the United States. We’ve run into some difficulties, and we’re still waiting for an answer from the immigration office.
  • Pray for Margaret & Isabella as they grow up in two very different cultures
  • Pray for our girls: Sandra, Ana and Karla, as the new school year starts in January. Pray for Celia as she looks for a job after graduation.
  • Pray for the kids that will come to live with us this next year. We are talking to some about coming to live with us, and we want to find the right kids who will take advantage of the opportunity that we’re offering.
  • Pray for our Monday night meetings, that we would be able to reach new shoe shiners, alcoholics & poor who need to know the Lord. Pray that our meetings would be a great time of reconciliation, growth, and following after our Heavenly Father!

Thank you so much and God bless,
Brent, Yuliza, Margaret & Isabella

September Ministry Update

Isabella & Margaret

Our new baby, Isabella, is 5 months old and continues to grow fast!  She’s a bundle of joy and energy, and we’re so blessed to have the new addition to our family. 

Margaret loves being an older sister, and loves to play with and help her little sister.  She enjoys learning to read, and is also very excited about her new glasses and about losing her teeth!

Celia’s Internship

Our school year ends in just a few weeks, and Celia, Sandra, Ana, Karla and Margaret are very excited about the upcoming vacation!

Celia is a senior in high school, and a graduation requirement is an internship.  She’s studying to be a preschool teacher, and for her internship she helps teach in a school near our house.  So every afternoon after she finishes her own classes, she goes over to put what she’s learned into practice. She’s very excited about graduating at the end of October!  Please pray for her as she begins her job search.

Ana is finishing 9th grade and has a big decision about what major to start studying next year.  Sandra is finishing her junior year in high school and will start her teaching internship next year, and Karla is finishing up 8th grade.


Our Monday night Bible studies are still going well, and one man reached an exciting milestone.  We met Pablo a few years ago during our Sunday morning breakfasts that we give out to people in our town’s central park.  Many shoeshiner boys and poor come over for the meal, and we also get to know many who struggle with alcoholism. 

That’s how we met Pablo, and last year he started coming to our Monday night Bible studies, too.  He’s now following the Lord and this summer reached one year of sobriety!  We’re very happy for him as he’s now also going to a local church, holding a steady job, and back with his wife.  It’s amazing to see a transformed life. God is so good!

Please pray as we continue to reach the people of our community in Chimaltenango, Guatemala!

Volcano Hiking

We hiked a new volcano in July.  It’s much higher at about 13,000 feet and is the one we can see looking south from our house.  We camped at the top and watched the attached active volcano spew lava all night.  It was an incredible view!  It was also a new experience for them as the temperature was close to freezing and it was very windy, making it the coldest night that our girls have ever felt!

Thank You!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for us!  We’re so grateful for God’s goodness and for all of your help.  We’re so blessed to be able to serve the poor, lost, and less fortunate here in Guatemala.  And even as our family grows and the expenses that follow, it’s such a help to have all our needs met. It’s a rare privilege to be able to do what we do.  Thank you!

Here are a few prayer requests for upcoming needs and events:

  • Pray for Celia as she looks for a job after graduation.  And pray for Ana who is finishing 9th grade and needs to pick a major to study next year as she enters high school.
  • Pray for our Monday night meetings, that we would be able to reach new shoe shiners, alcoholics & poor that need to know the Lord.  Pray that it would be a great time of reconciliation, growth, and following after our Heavenly Father!
  • Pray for our various end-of-the-year activities.  We spend about $500 for Christmas parties with the shoe shiners, children at Casa Shalom, and our own kids that live with us.
  • Pray for the kids that will come to live with us in the future.  We will be talking to some during the upcoming break from school about coming to live with us next year.
  • Pray that all of our financial needs would be met.
  • Please pray for Yuliza and her family as her father is terminally ill.

Thank you so much and God bless,

Brent, Yuliza, Margaret & Isabella

April Update

Meet Isabella Joy!

We’re so excited to announce that our daughter, Isabella Joy, was born on Wednesday, April 10th! She weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces and was 19.5 inches. She’s been healthy and is sleeping well, and Yuliza is recovering well. Margaret is very excited to have a new baby sister and wants to help her learn new things every day. So our family continues to grow, and we’re so blessed to have all six of our girls!


Last month we had the privilege of baptizing two of the shoeshiners who have been regularly attending our Monday night Bible studies. Victor is the older man, and he was so excited that he invited his wife, children and grandchildren that live far away in the mountains to come and celebrate with him. And Pedro is the young man, and he is very excited to be seeking the Lord’s will for his life. It was a great honor for Ronald and I to be asked to baptize them!

Thank You!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for us! We’re so grateful for God’s goodness and for all of your help. Here are a few prayer requests:

  • Pray for Margaret, Celia, Sandra, Ana and Karla as they adjust to having a new baby in the house, and for Yuliza and I as this is a very busy time for us with a lot less sleep.
  • Pray for Margaret and our girls that they continue to do well in school and also that they would grow in their relationships with the Lord.
  • Pray for our Monday night meetings, that we would be able to reach new shoe shiners, alcoholics & poor that need to know the Lord.
  • Pray that all of our financial needs would be met.

Thank you so much and God bless,
Brent, Yuliza, Margaret & Isabella

January Ministry Update

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This newsletter is going out a little later than I planned, but here are some pictures from the activities and happenings here in Guatemala.

December 10th: Monday Night Christmas Party

We had a fun party with our Monday Night Bible Study group with piñatas, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over a fire, and a movie.

December 14th: Christmas Party in the Park

We served 150 typical Guatemalan holiday meals of tamales, bread and a fruit cider called “ponche”.  A friend lent us some bounce houses for the children, and I shared about the true joy of the season. 
It was a great time to celebrate God’s love and provision throughout the year and to fellowship with the people in the park that we serve on a weekly basis.

December 14th: Serving the Homeless in Antigua

We took another 100 tamales the same night to Antigua, where there’s a large homeless population. We enjoyed spending time with the people, playing with the kids, praying for their needs and passing out the meals.

December 25th: Christmas

Christmas in Guatemala starts early at 6 AM on the 24th as we begin making a huge pot of tamales. The process continues through the day until they’re ready in the evening. We spend the day with Yuliza’s family and invite all our current and previous children to join us. The main celebration begins at midnight Christmas morning with lots of fireworks, we eat the tamales, and then we make a bonfire in the street and enjoy goofing off, eating and spending time together. Margaret had a blast this year, staying up until 2 AM. Around 4 AM we crashed and slept late, and then went out to watch a movie together in the afternoon.
We had hoped that Julio, Alfonso and Alejandro, who had lived with us before, would come and join us, but they didn’t make it. I was very excited to be able to see them, but we’ll keep trying to invite them over.

December 26th: Our 9th Wedding Anniversary

Yuliza & I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary the day after Christmas, and we spent the afternoon in Antigua enjoying all the Christmas lights with Margaret. I’m so blessed to have such an incredible family, and we’re so excited to meet our new girl in April!

December 28th: Christmas with Casa Shalom

We served 150 tamales with the children and workers of Casa Shalom. This is the Christian orphanage where Yuliza and I were working when we met each other 12 years ago, and we typically visit and spend time with the kids on a monthly basis. We brought bounce houses and played soccer and basketball with the kids and had a great time together!
One part that really blessed my heart was that over half of the cost of all these Christmas activities was provided by the young adults who have lived with us over the years. Flora, a girl who lived with us and got married back in April, brought her new in-laws to see the orphanage where she grew up, and we had a good time getting to know them better.

January 1st: New Year’s Celebration

The New Years celebration here is quite similar to Christmas: lots of food, fireworks, and fun until the wee hours of the morning! We cooked a turkey and a ham and had a great time hanging out together. Edwin, Jenifer, Cesar and Carlos came to join us.

January: Luke’s visit, girls are back in school & lots of construction

My good friend Luke came from Austin to visit for two weeks in January and we had a great time hanging out, fishing, cooking lots of foods, and hiking a volcano. 
The girls are all now back in school. Celia is a Senior, Sandra is a Junior, Ana is a Sophomore, and Karla is in eighth grade. Margaret started kindergarten and is thrilled to be back with her friends. Sandra also just turned 21 and we enjoyed celebrating with her. 
And the road construction in our neighborhood started about 3 weeks ago to install sewer lines. They had to dig a trench over 15 feet deep in some parts, and they made it very difficult to walk down the street, as you can see in the pictures above. In the process, the water pipes were broken, so we didn’t have water for about two weeks. Luke had a busier time than planned helping dig us out! The progress is slow, but most of the holes are mostly filled in now, and the water was reconnected this week. Hopefully we’ll be able to get our car to the house soon!

Here’s a video to give an idea about what the road work is like

Thanks so much for your continued support and prayers over the years! As we start another year, we’re so grateful and humbled to be able to serve here in Guatemala. We’re excited to meet our new baby girl in three months, and Margaret is so excited to soon be a big sister. She loves rubbing her mommy’s tummy and talking about possible names. 

We’re also proud of our girls and love to watch them grow up. Our prayer is that we consistently model their Heavenly Father and His incredible love for them. We pray that they grow to love and trust Him, and that they seek His will for their lives. His love has transformed my life, and has filled me with peace and hope. We’re going to be spending the next few weeks studying what the Bible shows us and teaches us about His love, and we’d appreciate your continued prayers for them.

Thanks and God bless, 
Brent, Yuliza & Margaret

Fall Ministry Update

In the United States, the leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and you’re getting ready for Thanksgiving. Here in Guatemala, this season marks the end of the rainy season, and also the end of the school year! We’re very proud of the hard work that our girls have put into their education this year. Thank you for all your support to make it possible!

As we look toward the next school year, which starts in January, we’d like to do something different. We’d like to find people who will sponsor each of our girls and help us with the costs associated with raising, feeding and educating each of them. Currently, most of their expenses come out of our personal budget.

SchoolingFoodMonth Total

Each girl has different monthly expenses associated with her schooling, which is specified in the table to the right. This page includes more detailed information about how the money will be utilized. It also costs $2 a day to feed them, which is $60 a month. If you, or someone else you know, is interested in sponsoring one of our girls with all or part of their expenses, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated and a huge help to us.

Celia has just turned 20 and is going into her senior year of high school. She grew up in the orphanage Casa Shalom, and has been living with us for 5 years. We’re so happy and proud of her!

Karla is the scientist of the group and is always curious about something. She is also Yuliza’s shadow. She’s been with us for 3 years and will be going into 8th grade at the charter school she was accepted into.

Sandra came to live with us this year, and she’s been such a blessing to our house. She quickly became everyone’s best friend, and she has excelled at school. Next year she’ll be entering 11th grade.

Ana is Celia’s sister, and we’ve known her a since she was an infant at the orphanage. She came to live with us two years ago and is the goofiest of our family. She’ll be going into 9th grade next year.

Breakfast & Dinner with the Shoe Shiners

We continue to serve 100 breakfasts in our park every Sunday morning as a way to get to know the shoe shiners, homeless and other people who live and work there. And on Monday nights we have a Bible study and dinner together.

Our niece Heidy and our girl Celia are now taking the young kids to their own class, and it’s been a HUGE help to me! A new group of men who struggle with alcohol have started to attend regularly, and we spend time talking to and praying with them.

For the fifth year, we are planning to celebrate Christmas with everyone in the park and serve their traditional tamales to 150 people. If you would like to help us out financially with this Christmas party or with the expense for the weekly meals, please let me know!

Under Construction

Our neighborhood continues to grow and many new houses are being built in the area. So we’re getting sewer lines installed in the streets! The entire project will hopefully only take 2 months, and it’s all being dug by hand. So we currently can’t drive to our house and have to walk and carry food about a quarter mile to our house. But this will be a great improvement for us! (our house is on the right in the picture)

Thank You!

Margaret had a great year of preschool, and is excited to start kindergarten in January. She’s just turned 6, and she’s very excited that she’s soon going to be a big sister! That’s right, Yuliza is expecting another baby in April. We are very excited!

We’re blessed to be able to serve in Guatemala, and we’re so grateful for your continued generosity through the years. If you would like to sponsor one of our girls or our meals with the shoeshiners, or if you know someone who would, please let me know. Thank you so much!

Please pray that God would continue to fill us with His love and wisdom as we minister in Guatemala. Please pray that both our past and present children would continue to seek the Lord’s will for their lives. And please pray for all those that will come to live with us in the future, that our home would be a place of refuge, peace, hope, discipleship and love.

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers!

Brent, Yuliza & Margaret

2019 Child Sponsorship

As we look toward the next school year, which starts in January, we’d like to do something different. We’d like to find people who will sponsor each of our girls and help us with the costs associated with raising, feeding and educating each of them. Currently, most of their expenses come out of our personal budget.

Each girl has different monthly expenses associated with her schooling, which is specified in the table below. If you, or someone else you know, is interested in sponsoring one of our girls with all or part of their expenses, please let me know.  It would be greatly appreciated and a huge help to us.

To calculate the school costs, I added the cost of books, school supplies and materials, uniforms, a school registration, and a monthly tuition (charged 10 times). Those add up to a year total, which I then spread out over the 10 school months in the column titled “Year/Month”. Finally, we spend $60 a month on food for each of them. And the “Month Total” is the school costs plus the food costs.

We also spend $100 a month for the weekly breakfasts and dinners that we provide to the shoe shiners and other people in our park. Please let me know if you, or someone else you know, is interested in sponsoring someone. Thanks!