Benjamin’s with us


Elias’s brother Benjamin has now moved in with us! He has been busy in January and February with a final internship required for his degree in accounting, and he was working for a company that prints food packaging labels. Some examples are the labels on two liter bottles of soda and the plastic wrappers for hotdogs. After his internship ended the company offered him a full-time position at the company to help keep track of their inventory.

He is very excited for this opportunity to start working in his field. The new job offer did mean that he wouldn’t be able to take care of the house of boys at Casa Shalom anymore, and so he decided that it was time to move out of them home. We’re excited to have him here with us now. We had a great time together during the Christmas break, and now we get to be together all the time!

We would appreciate your prayers for both Benjamin and Elias as they live with us. Please pray that God would use us to continue to form and mature these two young men as they transition into adulthood.