Visitor Sunday

Today was the monthly Visitor Sunday when the family members of the kids at Casa Shalom are able to visit the home. Many of the kids are at the orphanage due to extreme poverty, and these visitor sundays allows the kids to keep in contact with their parents. But there are also many kids who don’t have anyone who ever visits them, and so this day can be hard for them.

Yuli and I try to come as often as possible on Visitor Sundays in order to spend time with the kids who don’t have any family. This month Clara came with us with her new baby, and her brother and sister were very excited to see their niece again.

It was also great to see Nixon! He grew up at Casa Shalom and was one of the first guys that I was in charge of. He moved away from Casa Shalom about three years ago, and I haven’t been able to see him since then. He still has a brother and sister at the home, and he came to visit them today. It was great to see how much he’s grown and catch up with how he’s doing.

Yuli also prepares a bunch of sandwiches and snacks for the kids, and now they all beg her to bring her famous jello cake for dessert.

Clara, Carlos & Flora with baby Linda
Lunch Time
It’s great to see Nixon again!