Merry Christmas!

December has been an incredibly exhausting month for us. It began with the surprise from immigration that I had to leave the country immediately. So I had to drive to Mexico. About a week before Christmas Yuli needed an emergency appendectomy. Thankfully the operation was successful and she has been recovering quickly.


Edwin and Jenifer came over to spend Christmas with us again, and we celebrated  in the traditional Guatemalan way with lots of fireworks and great food.


On the 26th Yuli and I celebrated our 4th anniversary! We’re so grateful that God brought us together. It now seems like a long time ago as we think back to all the different challenges and issues surrounding our marriage and problems with visas, but God worked everything out just perfectly. Thank You, Lord!


December was especially difficult for us because we lost Elias. He’s been with us for two years, and we really miss him a lot. Please be praying for him as he now lives in Guatemala City!